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Mixer trailer


The Dammann mixer trailer is developed for the logistic of mixed pesticides from the farm storage to the sprayer in the field.
It allows you to maximise the sprayer capacity by not loosing time with driving up and down and mixing the pesticides into the sprayer, another advantage is that the concentrate pesticide stays on the farm yard and has not been taken into the field.
The mixer trailer can be supplied with the trailer aswell as unit that you can build on your existing trailer.

Tank volume up to 12000 l
»With integrated 500 l clean water tank
TankControl - electronic tank fill level indicator
Mechanical tank fill level indicator in 1000 l increments
RRW rotary mixing and cleaning system
Injector 2" stainless steel steel with switch tap
3" inlet valve
Connection to a third-party 3" fill source
Mixing unit with a volume of 60 l
Illumination of the mixing unit
The trailer with the central arrangement of axles has:
»Container-Locks 20 Fuss
» Ball hitch
»Pneumatically sprung tandem axle
Piston diaphragm pump with a capacity of 500 l/min



Till 12.000 liter tank capacity
Rotating tank cleaning system
50 liter Chemical mixer
Easy to control
500 L/Min pump
container twist lock
Robust step to acces to tank
Optional PH-Sensor
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