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Moore Unidrill

Mounted version

The Moore Unidrill is a No-Till seeder that allows sowing directly into the stubble or grassland as well as in minimally worked soil.

The machine is suitable for sowing cereals, reseeding or overseeding grassland, overseeding herbs in grassland or flower borders, etc.

Available in 3 meter working width trailed and mounted version.
With a sowing distance of 12.5 and 9 cm.
The machine is available as a basic unit without seed tray so that you can build up your existing seed bunker or with a Moore seed unit of 850 liters with Accord seed unit bottom driven and standard PTO driven fan. (optional hydraulic)



Sowing discs with a diameter of 420 mm
Hardened tungsten seed coulters
Proven Accord seeding technology
Easy seed rate adjustment
Ground wheel-driven sowing rotor
Clearly readable scale for sowing depth adjustment
Group 9


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