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Novag 650


The Novag T-ForcePlus 650 is the Novag drill that will address the needs of medium to large farming operations.
This machine appeals to farms well engaged in the conservation agriculture dynamics, who are looking for ways to improve their existing seed establishment or to push further the boundaries of their cropping rotation. The T-ForcePlus 650 is an investment that has the potential to generate a high return, in a short time frame, when it become part of the conservation agriculture journey.
The Novag technology already delivers benefits from the early stages of the transformation process.

The frame is compact. Nevertheless the machine is comfortable to use thanks to the folding system and its simple layout.

The lange hoppers are easily accessible, and the opener configurations are versatile with a good choice of row spacing options. The toughness and low maintenance of the seeder and the openers significantly reduce the downtime.



Working width 6 meter
Total length with drawbar 7,5 meter
Height with standard equpment 3,7 meter
Empty weight 11.000 kg
Additional weight Ballast 1300 / 2500 kg
Max. Technical Weight 17.000 kg
Rowspacing 16,67 / 18,75 or 25 cm
Numbers of rows 36 / 32 or 24
Downforce Hydraulic cylinder on each opener from 100 to 500 kg
Recommended power minimal 240 hp


Zero soil movement
Good closure of the slot
Simple and accurate
T-Slot opener
seed and fertillzer placement
liquid fertillizer placement
up to 4 hoppers possible
Group 9




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